2015 Instructional League Roster

The Brewers announced their roster on Monday for their instructional league in Maryvale, Arizona. Here is a rundown of the players who will be taking part.

Jed Bradley
David Burkhalter
Miguel Diaz
Marcos Diplan
Nattino Diplan
Jake Drossner
Kaleb Earls
Gentry Fortuno
Preston Gainey
Nathan Griep
Eric Hanhold
Conor Harber
Johnny Hellweg
Nelson Hernandez
Karsen Lindell
David Lucroy
Kodi Medeiros
Jon Olczak
Drake Owenby
Jonathan Perrin
Cody Ponce
Junior Rincon
Michael Petersen
Quintin Torres-Costa
Angel Ventura
Nash Walters
Devin Williams
Jordan Yamamoto

Mitch Ghelfi
Dustin Houle
Carlos Leal
Max McDowell
Milan Post
Jose Sibrian

Jose Cuas
David Denson
Jake Gatewood
George Iskenderian
Gilbert Lara
Sthervin Matos
Ignacio Otano
Tyrone Perry
Beau Wallace

Carlos Belonis
Trent Clark
Malik Collymore
Omar Cotto
Clint Coulter
Brandon Diaz
Daniel Fields
Yeraldy Martinez
Demi Orimoloye
Troy Stokes



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