Poll: 25-Man Roster Battles

We’ve had a lot of internal debate lately about who should land the final roster spots on the Brewers Opening Day 25-man squad and valid arguments can be made in many different cases. Now we want to hear from you, our readers. Who do you think will land the final infield, outfield and bullpen spots when the Brew Crew opens their season at Miller Park a week from today?



3 thoughts on “Poll: 25-Man Roster Battles

  1. you know it just stinks that hill is going to make the team over any of the infielders listed….I know there are ppl with options and all but I think it should be carter…scooter…yadiel….and perez ..1st to 3rd…..with villar n walsh on the bench….

    • I guess the Brewers like Hill for his veteran leadership, but it’s not like a lot of their top prospects are in Milwaukee for him to mentor. Perhaps they are hoping for him to get off to a hot start so they can flip him for another player at the deadline.

  2. how long can we keep running hill out there if he is hitting like he did all spring?…..there has to be a time where we just give up on him correct?

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