Game Notes: Extended Spring Training

Second baseman Franly Mallen

Second baseman Franly Mallen

I was in Arizona recently and had a chance to sneak away to see some of the Brewers extended spring training action. Things were a little less structured and informal, but I was able to check out many of the youngsters in game action, including some I hadn’t seen before. I don’t consider myself much of a scout, but I did jot down a few notes to share here.

Demi Orimoloye – Far more physically advanced than some of the other players I saw, Orimoloye looked really good at times and not so good at other times. He put a couple of good looking swings on the ball, but also chased some pitches way outside of the zone for some ugly looking strikes.

Franly Mallen – Mallen was very impressive defensively, making a nice leaping grab and showing good range at second base. A really high energy player, he’s more athletic than your typical second baseman and showed good wheels out of the box.

Karsen Lindell – Throwing from a 3/4 arm slot, Lindell throws hard, hitting 93 on the gun I got to take a look at. He also threw a nice looking breaking ball and a changeup that was effective when he got it over for strikes.

Tyrone Perry – I don’t like to comment on someone’s weight, but it’s really pretty startling how big Perry is. I found it curious that the Brewers held him out of action earlier this spring, but after getting eyes on him, he’s carrying a lot of extra weight and that strategy makes much more sense to me now as I just can’t see someone holding up over the course of a 100-150 game season at his size. That being said, he actually moves fairly well for his size and fields his position better than you’d expect and looked like one of the Brewers better hitters in the limited at-bats I witnessed.

Nelson Hernandez – Hernandez is a bit more put together than many of the other young Latin American players that have come over in recent years. He throws from a high 3/4 arm slot and his fastball was clocking in the low-90’s on the gun that I saw. He also threw a changeup that looked like it could be a better than average pitch for him.

Johel Atencio – Hitting from a slight crouch, Atencio has a quick bat and has the potential to generate a little bit of power. He looked to be a solid defender, blocking a couple of tough pitches in the dirt and holding runners at bay.

Joantgel Segovia – It was really good to see Segovia back in action and moving around well both in the outfield and on the bases. He looks like he spent a little time in the weight room during his time off, appearing more muscular that in the past, but still was able to show good bat control and make solid contact.

Ignacio Otano – This was my first look at Otano and he and Mallen formed an impressive double play combo up the middle. He moves well to both sides and made a really nice stop and throw from deep in the hole that flashed some good arm strength.

Nicol Valderrey – Valderrey was another player who really stood out physically. He’s chiseled and makes for a nice target at first base but he did chase some pitches and for the most part didn’t make solid contact in the at-bats that I saw.

Jonathan Oquendo – Oquendo can play all over the diamond and is solid defensively but he’s built similar to Jake Gatewood and his size will probably make him a third baseman due to him being just too big to play on the middle infield. He’s not the most graceful looking runner, but at the plate he picked up a line drive hit and crushed another ball just foul.

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