2016 Draft Preview: 1B

2016 is not an especially strong year for first baseman and there’s a chance that not a single first baseman may go on the first day of the draft.

The best of the bunch may be University of Florida junior Peter Alonso who is ranked by MLB Pipeline as the #65 overall draft prospect but is not in Baseball America’s top 100. Alonso has good size and strength and does have good raw power which he’s shown over the past several seasons with the Gators, despite battling through a variety of injuries.

After Alonso the majority of the other top first base prospects are high school players such as Walker Robbins, Dylan Carlson, Christian Jones and Spencer Brickhouse.

Robbins, who some feel could be drafted as a pitcher, is a left-handed hitter with good power that he could tap into even further as he develops, while Jones is an outfielder who will likely need to convert to first base defensively, but should have enough pop to get a team to bite on day two.

The Brewers don’t have a ton of first base prospects in their system presently but don’t expect to see them add one early in this year’s draft either. The team could go after a first baseman or two on days two and three however, as there are a handful of high school players who Milwaukee might look to develop.


WALKER ROBBINS George County High School
DYLAN CARLSON Elk Grove High School
CHRISTIAN JONES Federal Way High School
DARICK HALL Dallas Baptist
BRYANT PACKARD DH Conley High School
PRESTON PALMEIRO North Carolina State
CHRIS WINKEL Amity Regional High School
BRADLEY JONES College of Charleston

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